“American Fictioneer” is our first release upon America. The film aims to enfold audiences in a space unlike any they have ever before suspected might exist: within the fecund mind of the eponymous James Tutku Jones. From his nascent days though to what he holds for the future, this documentary is a cinematic action painting of the intersection between a genius and the society that spawned him.

The first episode came about spontaneously, filmed on a camera-phone, but once we had viewed the footage, we recognized the need for more; we realized that more angles were necessary to capture a fuller image of a personality verging on the four-dimensional. Yet “American Fictioneer” is not meant to provide definitive answers, only to ask the right questions in an attempt to generate discussion, provoke spontaneous philosophy, and stir the imagination in equal measure to the loins.

As part of the American Fictioneer website, viewers are encouraged to click and comment at points of interest throughout the documentary.